Tour Romania is more than a tour-operator agency, it reflects the care and respect expressed by its leaders – on one hand, an ambitious and dynamic teacher of English, who still teaches young learners, organises and leads exciting tours or Christian or cultural events. She also prepares students so that they could obtain Cambridge English  Language Certificates, – and on the other hand, a courageous businessman, who is very involved in providing gorgeous vacations for families, seniors and why not for everybody who enjoys admiring nature, cultural and memorial buildings with an impressive history, and all those traditions which make Romania real and unique.

Romania is an amazing country, and you will agree with us after you discover Romanians’ hospitality, the cultural authenticity of some of our traditions and the splendour of nature which can be admired on the one hand by its mountains – The Carpathians showing their strength and invincibility, and on the other hand, by the beauty of the Black Sea, and why not by the paradise of birds of the Danube Delta.

What we are trying to show people is not only the country they have already seen on the internet or at different TV documentaries and news, but also that country with a lot of great history, with important personalities, that country which  attracts  by the wonderful gifts of God’s creation: gorgeous and unique landscapes.

This country has specific treasure to show, and we have decided to promote the places, the people, the culture, because this is what represents us as a valuable European nation!

Choosing to visit Romania your entire perspective will be changed!

You will also taste the traditional food, which you will never forget!

We organise various tours all over Romania, especially in Transylvania, team buildings in peaceful and quite places, camps for young learners and for their families, special trips and camps for Christians, relaxing vacations or one-day trips in Brașov or Bucharest.

Considering we offer a great variety  of  travel packages so that  you can spend some quality time in Romania, do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

K-TOUR ROMANIA is a professional agency which will definitely prove the authenticity of Romania’s beauty and also the seriousness of our leaders!

We will do our best to confirm that you are so special for us!

Alina, Karina & Adrian

Qualified Guides